Free Printable Outline Blank Map of The World with Countries 

Blank Map of The World is a very powerful tool for understanding the world and how it works, but they show only what you ask them. The word ‘map’ is derived from the term ‘Mappa’ which means napkin or paper.

A map tells you where you have been, where you are, and where you are going. Here, on this site free maps are available in the PDF download format.  The Political Map of the World shows independent states, dependencies or areas of special sovereignty, islands and island groups as well as the national capitals and major cities. On this site, you get a blank map of the world with countries.

Blank Map of World Printable Template

Blank Map of World Printable Template


This map of the world comes in colour and it has all the countries of the world marked on. This can be used to mark mountain ranges, major world rivers, famous volcanoes and a host of other geographical features. This site provides you with the free printable blank map of the world in PDF format.

Blank Physical World Map Printable 

Here a blank map of the world uses the Mercator projection which was popular in the 1950s – 1980s. It has fallen off due to the distortions at the poles making places like Canada and Greenland look much larger than they are in comparison with places near the equator.

Blank Physical World Map Printable 


Another blank map of the world places Australia at the centre, removing any euro-centric bias often found in world maps. It is a blank map of the world complete with mountain ranges. Last blank map of the world has the country outlined as well for easy locating of different geographical features. 

World Map Without Labels

World Map Without Labels


On this site, you can find royalty-free printable blank world map images without labels.

World Map with Black And White Outline

World Map with Black And White Outline


This website offers a set of different outline world map images. By default, these pictures have grayscale or transparent continent, ocean and outline (border) areas but you can also use our world map painting tool to create from them coloured world map images, choosing such colours, which you like for these map areas.

In other words, this website has two main parts:

  1. Outline World Map Images, which land, water and border areas are white, black, grey or transparent.
  1. World Map Painting Tool, which can be used for making coloured images from the images.

The signs for choosing the groups for a set of images can be for example:

  • Blank World Maps
  • Political World Maps
  • Transparent World Maps
  • Solid Colour World Maps

The World Maps, which are offered on our website, are all royalty-free printable world map images and can be used in addition to printing also on websites or for other purposes. These world maps can be used for any legal purposes under few conditions.

Blank Map of World Continents 

The printable outline maps of the world shown can be downloaded and printed as pdf documents. They are great maps for people who are learning about the geography of continents and countries. Teachers can download the maps, print as many copies as they need for student use and share the maps with fellow teachers.

Blank Map of World Continents


We have tried to show the outline of every tiny country of the world on a map that can be printed on a single 8 1/2 x 11-inch sheet of paper. That is a simple fact of cartography. When a large geographic area is represented on a small piece of paper a lot of the details must be left off. They are too small to be drawn. This is something that students need to learn. This is why most cities are not shown on even the largest wall maps. 

This map does a nice job of showing the boundaries of most major countries of the world. Students can easily use it to learn the major countries of South America, Africa or other continents and regions.

Blank Map of the World with Countries

Blank Map of the World with Countries


  • Download the geographic maps of the world with our World Maps with countries and Globes Collection Blank Outline PDF maps.
  • Students can colour the blank maps, study and highlight countries, add names and features.
  • Maps come with and without labels
  • A great teaching resource for students.
  • Can be copied and shared with your students or kids
  • Available in Paperback and PDF

Blank Map of The World PDF 

This printable world map with all continents is blank. Ideal for geography lessons, mapping routes travelled, or just for display. Free Printable Maps are helpful for teachers to use in their classes. Students can use them for mapping activities and self-study. Taking a trip? Grab a map and a pencil and start making plans.

Blank Map of The World


While studying Geography, it helps to have access to some blank world maps to illustrate different learning objectives. You can find a variety of different blank world maps on this site that are free to download, print and use today. There are blank political maps of the world and blank physical maps of the world as well.

Free Detailed Printable Blank Map of Europe [PDF]

The Blank Map of Europe will direct you to have an idea of various beautiful countries of Europe on your mind and to have the idea of culture and climate of countries to decide about the best place for vacations and too often people refer to it for knowledge purposes.

Europe continent in itself is a very diverse continent and each region of this continent offers a wide range for exploration purposes. The culture is very widely spread and I bet you cannot resist exposing yourself to the nightlife of this continent.

Western Europe Map/Geography 

Western Europe comprises the major countries of the continent and being that crucial part of the continent it has to be an easy and hassle-free going place from one corner to the other.

Maps are designed in such a way that suits the understanding of all ages of people around the world, who come to the continent for their respective purposes and maps are easily available to all.

Map Of Europe And Asia/Eurasia Geography 

Europe and Asia although both are considered as two different continents these both continents lie on the same landmass which combines these two continents as one continent known as Eurasia. This continent is located in the northern and eastern hemispheres and is bordered by the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans.

A person resorts to the Blank Map of Europe and Asia to have a combined and an individual view of Europe and Asia to reach out all the different directions of the continent with utmost ease and we provide the High-Definition quality map to help the users stepping out towards any direction of the continent with no external help needing.

Map Of Europe With Cities

There are plenty of cities in Europe and most often the person gets stuck in easy commuting from one city to another. Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, London, Paris, Prague, and Vienna are the other world-famous city on the European continent.

Geographical Map Of Europe

In terms of physical geography, Europe is the second smallest continent in the world and covers an area of about 104,98,000 sq. km of the total land.

A Geographical map is used to know the territorial borders of a continent and also knowing the physical features of a region such as type of land surface, the soil type, rivers, mountains, infrastructure, and the overall being of a landmass.

Blank Map Of Europe

Blank maps of Europe, showing only the coastline and country borders, without any labels, information, or additional data. These easy Blank Map of Europe maps can be printed for private or classroom educational purposes. It has been seen that the blank maps of Europe or any other island are available on various sites but are not accurate and clear enough that often disappoint the users who are seeking good blank maps of different continents. Map Of Europe With Capitals.

You can download different types of Blank Map of Europe which have countries and their capitals mentioned therein from this website. The quality of the maps, which we provide is best in HD and clear enough that if you get the hard copy of the map in any size, it would not make it difficult for the users to understand the characters. 

What are The 44 Countries in Europe? 

There are 44 countries in the Blank Map of Europe, according to the United Nations. The full list of the population is shown in the table below.

  • Russia 145,934,462 Eastern Europe
  • Germany 83,783,942 Western Europe
  • The United Kingdom 67,886,011 Northern Europe
  • France 65,273,511 Western Europe
  • Italy 60,461,826 Southern Europe
  • Spain 46,754,778 Southern Europe
  • Ukraine 43,733,762 Eastern Europe
  • Poland 37,846,611 Eastern Europe
  • Romania 19,237,691 Eastern Europe
  • Netherlands 17,134,872 Western Europe
  • Belgium 11,589,623 Western Europe
  • Czech Republic (Czechia) 10,708,981 Eastern Europe
  • Greece 10,423,054 Southern Europe
  • Portugal 10,196,709 Southern Europe
  • Sweden 10,099,265 Northern Europe
  • Hungary 9,660,351 Eastern Europe
  • Belarus 9,449,323 Eastern Europe
  • Austria 9,006,398 Western Europe
  • Serbia 8,737,371 Southern Europe
  • Switzerland 8,654,622 Western Europe
  • Bulgaria 6,948,445 Eastern Europe
  • Denmark 5,792,202 Northern Europe
  • Finland 5,540,720 Northern Europe
  • Slovakia 5,459,642 Eastern Europe
  • Norway 5,421,241 Northern Europe
  • Ireland 4,937,786 Northern Europe
  • Croatia 4,105,267 Southern Europe
  • Moldova 4,033,963 Eastern Europe
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina 3,280,819 Southern Europe
  • Albania 2,877,797 Southern Europe
  • Lithuania 2,722,289 Northern Europe
  • North Macedonia 2,083,374 Southern Europe
  • Slovenia 2,078,938 Southern Europe
  • Latvia 1,886,198 Northern Europe
  • Estonia 1,326,535 Northern Europe
  • Montenegro 628,066 Southern Europe
  • Luxembourg 625,978 Western Europe
  • Malta 441,543 Southern Europe
  • Iceland 341,243 Northern Europe
  • Andorra 77,265 Southern Europe
  • Monaco 39,242 Western Europe
  • Liechtenstein 38,128 Western Europe
  • San Marino 33,931 Southern Europe
  • Holy See 801 Southern Europe

Which is The Most Beautiful Country In Europe? 

What criteria can be used to define the beauty of a country, knowing that beauty depends on the opinion of each one? The question is never easy and trying to find objective criteria is a very complicated task. But social networks and specialized websites (and with tourist comments) can be a great help.

Besides, the presence of cities and monuments as UNESCO heritage is also a factor to be taken into account. Also important is the number of protected parks in each country, given that green areas are increasingly important and valued by people.

To draw up a list of the most beautiful countries in Blank Map of Europe, we have taken into account several factors such as the number of UNESCO heritage sites, the percentage of protected areas in each country, the degree of satisfaction of tourists on platforms such as TripAdvisor, tourists received every year and openness of the local population in receiving and welcoming foreign visitors. The most beautiful country in Europe is Italy.

What Is The Most Popular Country In Europe?

France is the most popular country in Europe with around 86.9 million visitors every year.

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